Watch SchoolCuts for latest closing information

The final list of schools that are expected to be closed will be published by CPS soon. Keep an eye on SchoolCuts today—and over the next few days—as we release easy-to-understand data about the receiving schools and provide comparisons with closing schools.

We are also putting together a list of the receiving schools for which amenities such as air conditioning will need to be installed to meet CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett’s promise to students who are transferred.


Photo by Jeanne Marie Olson. Pictured from left to right: Josh Kalov, Anna Marie Tamayo, Elnaz Moshfeghian

Our team worked from 5 pm Wednesday until 4:15 this morning manually entering data about receiving schools that CPS does not release in machine readable formats and writing code to support the visualizations that will present that data. We will release pages about each receiving school today and provide comparisons between each school being closed and possible receiving schools as soon as we can after that.

With help from school data experts, we will also be posting commentary in this blog about specific aspects of the data that CPS has used to justify its closing decisions.

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